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100 Years of Women’s Fashion from Primetime Wholesale Clothing

Fashion trends are constantly in flux. What’s here today…is gone in about five minutes. And sometimes, what everybody was wearing twenty years ago can return in the blink of an eye. (We’re looking at you, ‘80s.) But fashion isn’t nearly as random as you may think. There’s a strong thread of history running through everything you wear. That’s why we have created this infographic on 100 Years of Women’s Fashion. We have gone through the last hundred years to see what emerged in each decade. It’s fun to see what trends hold up and what disappeared pretty quickly. But it’s especially illuminating to match the fashion trends with their time and to see how fashion was impacted by the social changes going on in the world. Fashion holds up a mirror to our society, and you can see the world changing with every new trend.

Here’s a quick overview of what we found:
• In the 1920s, women entered the workforce and women’s fashion changed forever. Gone were the dedicated fittings and in were “ready-to-wear” clothes. This trend has continued through the years.
• Nylon was created in the ‘30s and nylon stockings were born
• The 1960s cultural revolution modernized fashion and created a sea of change. Jeans, miniskirts and boots arrived and have never really left
• The myth of materialism is busted! We spend just $44 per month on new clothes, less than any other decade since 1919!

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